Disaster Preparedness Resource Documents

Organizational Preparedness


Steps for Developing a Plan for Your Church

This high-level plan offers seven steps for setting up a disaster response strategy for your church or organization.  To download this one-page document, click here.


Faith-Based Organization Disaster Preparedness Checklist

Set up your team, identify high risks and formalize a plan to more effectively care for your church members, staff, and facility.  To document your plan on this 2-page checklist, click here.


Ready Rating Program

Learn about this free American Red Cross program designed to help you evaluate your organizational preparedness; benefits include an online assessment tool and customized feedback.  For more information click here.


National Donations Management Network Application

The State of California participates in the National Donations Management Network (NDMN) which provides nonprofit organizations access to high value donation offers made to the State by individuals, businesses and corporations. If your organization would like to be vetted to participate in the NDMN, click here


Please note:  The California Donations Management Coordinator has requested that all OperationOC-affiliated applicants indicate that association in Item #10 of the application.


Local Church Planning Guide

This guide is designed to assist you in preparing a disaster plan for your local church. When a church knows in advance how they will protect church property and care for their people in the event of a disaster, they are better prepared to minister to their community.  This guide is the work of the Disaster Recovery Ministry of the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church and is used with permission.  Although references to the organizational structure of the Methodist denomination may not apply to your church, the thorough planning outlined in this document will be of benefit to all.  To access to this online resource, click here


Emergency Management Planning Guide for Churches

This online resource from Kitsap County, Washington, comes from an Emergency Management viewpoint and includes a Hazard Identification & Vulnerability Analysis template.  View this online resource here.


NDIN Tip Sheets

The National Disaster Interfaith Network (NDIN) offers a series of “Tip Sheets.” These “all-hazards best practices and resource links about disaster mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery – specifically of relevance to religious leaders, faith communities and faith-based organizations” are available to view or download.  Click here.


National Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness Month.  Join with organizations and individuals across the United States to promote emergency preparedness.  To gain access to tools and resources to help you communicate this important message to your congregation, register as a Coalition member here.


Workplace Violence Prevention Presentation

What consitutes workplace violence?  Learn about the four types of workplace violence, how to develop a workplace violence prevention plan, and how to safely respond to a violent situation.


Workplace Violence Prevention Toolkit

HR Advice, guidelines and policies to keep your workplace safe.


OperationOC Disaster Preparedness & Recovery Partnership


Plan of Cooperation Between OperationOC and OC Operational Area

The Orange County Rescue Mission/OperationOC (OpOC) has been recognized as a regional partner of the County of Orange emergency management program.  Accordingly, OpOC has developed an Emergency Operations Plan which is being integrated into the emergency planning and response process of the Orange County Operational Area (OCOA).  To view or obtain a copy of the agreement between OpOC and OCOA, click here.


Disaster Response Cooperative Plan (for DP&RP members)

Part of OperationOC’s charter is to provide an effective, mission-ready, rapid recovery response to local disasters.  On a large scale, OperationOC is assembling a network of organizations who want to be trained and who would like to work together to support disaster preparedness, response and recovery in Orange County.  To become an affiliate member of OperationOC, use this agreement to register your organization.  Signed Cooperative Plans may be submitted in person at the monthly Partnership meeting or by scheduling an appointment by phone (714-247-4362) or e-mail.


Partner Information Form

Is your faith-based organization interested in joining our Partnership? Please tell us about your church or ministry and how you can help Orange County prepare for or recover from a disaster.  To download and complete the "New Partner Information" form, click here.  E-mail completed form to: vicki.mcguinness@rescuemission.org; for more information, call Vicki at (714) 247-4362.


California Disaster Assistance Act (CDAA)

The State of California has enacted legislation which allows Private Non-Profits (PNPs) to receive state financial assistance as reimbursement (of extraordinary expenses) for the performance of essential community services, provided such expenditures meet all of the eligibility requirements. OperationOC serves as an Intermediary PNP, representing the members of the OperationOC Disaster Preparedness & Recovery Partnership. To view or download Government Code Section 8692, Title 19, Division 2, Chapter 6, Article 2, as published by Westlaw and downloaded June 7, 2011, click here.


Disaster Preparedness Manual (Churches & Organizations)

This detailed preparedness manual can be personalized for your church family.  Add your logo and contacts before distributing at your preparedness events. To download a copy of the Disaster Preparedness Manual, click here.


Emergency Management Acronyms

The emergency management field uses many acronyms. This list is provided to assist you in understanding those acronyms most applicable to OperationOC and its related emergency management partners. To download, click here.



Community Resources



Collaborating Organizations Active in Disaster

The purpose of COAD-OC (Collaborating Organizations Active in Disaster - Orange County) is to establish and enhance partnerships among community-based and governmental organizations that will collaborate, communicate and coordinate response and recovery efforts for Orange County residents during times of disaster. Download and complete an application and the Before/During/After worksheet if you are interested in joining this group.



Personal & Family Emergency Preparedness


Be Ready Sunday

This brief overview covers the information and supplies needed to help you through the first 72 hours of a disaster and beyond. Be informed, be involved and be ready.  To download this 2-page document, click here.


Disaster Preparedness Manual (Personal & Family)

This manual provides detailed steps to help you develop a plan for survival and recovery.  Personal preparedness also frees us to minister to others in need.  To view or download a copy of this 30-page Disaster Preparedness Manual, click here


Assemble an Emergency Preparedness Kit the Easy Way

The American Red Cross has developed a 21-week schedule to simplify building an emergency preparedness kit.  To learn how, click here.


Emergency Financial First Aid Kit

The Emergency Financial First Aid Kit (EFFAK) is a simple tool to help Americans minimize the financial impact of a natural disaster or national emergency.




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